Worn series

Worn – a series of surrealistic needle paintings on worn denim.


What defines purity? 2017

Is a woman’s sexuality pure at birth?

Does life impure a woman?

Does desire impure her?

Does lust?

What about the purity of emotion?

About the purity of lust?

Is pure temptation impure?

Is pure lust impure?

– What defines purity?!?


Eye of the tiger 2017

guardian, protector, paladin

seeker, explorer, investigator

deceiver, beguiler, impostor

– The eye of the tiger


All quiet now 2017

Fall has come

Leaves have dried

Lips are sealed

Life has fallen

– All quiet now


En balance

juggling fragility and strength

taking hold of time

– en balance


Your heart in my pocket 2017

Do we belong to someone?

Does someone hold our love?

Is that might?

Is that abuse?

Are we prisoners?

Are we free?

– Your heart in my pocket


View Points Davos



View Points Davos is a series of 4 landscape pictures, framed in embroidery hoops.

They are replicas of pictures I took in my hometown of places (view points) I really like.


On the back, the exact geographic coordinates are indicated.


To the fiber techniques (appliqué and hand stitch), mixed media is added (miniature sculpting and painting). The pieces are adorned with paraphernalia I found in exactly the same places as depicted (dried flowers, stones, lichen etc.).


Here are the four pieces:

Albertibach 2015
Albertibach 2015 – zoomed


See 2015
See 2015 – zoomed


Wyti 2015
Wyti 2015 – detail


Hohe Promenade 2016



One of the pieces (Albertibach) was juried into the yearly contemporary art exhibition Bündner Werkschau at the gallery Kabinett der Visionäre in Chur in 2016.





Stamped series

The stamped series is not new, but I am catching up with this blog today… hopefully… 😉

So: for the stamped series, I cut stamps (obviously!). I started with cutting lino, but my fingers didn’t like the band aids very much… therefore, I bought some rubber sheets which are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to cut!

The resulting three textile pieces are below.

> Unframed:

> Framed:

“Drift” 2016
“Time” 2016
“Wind” 2016

Striped series

“Creating pattern, exploring stripes” – these were my main goals with this series. Furthermore, I wanted to experiment with incorporating unusual materials into my work. I finished the series in July 2017 and the works (alongside others) will be shown at two upcoming art fairs in Basel and Zurich.


My first piece is titled “Winter Eve” and it addresses three senses: sight, touch and smell. On a painted cotton background, I attached citrus peel and gloves with hand stitch and further adorned with glass beads. This is how it looks in a golden painted wood frame:

“Winter Eve” 2017

The second piece is titled “Frost”. My daughter painted some cotton with water colors, and I cut it into stripes of which I then burned the borders. The burning process further changed the colors of the fabric stripes which added a cool effect. I then fixated the stripes on a cotton background and added sashiko-style embroidery.

“Frost” 2017

Piece no. 3 is titled “Industrial”. I formed aluminium stripes out of yogurt lids and created a linocut stamp for the ring shapes. Framed it looks such:

“Industrial” 2017

The fourth piece bears the title “Serenity” (after a fellow fiber artist saw it in progress on instagram and commented “it looks so serene!” I dediced on this title 😉 ). I painted a silk background and carefully glued birch tree bark stripes on it before adding stitches. For framing, I decided on a dark frame for contrast:

“Serenity” 2017

The last piece is “Pollination”. One that also addresses two senses: sight and smell. The stripes consist of bee’s wax and the embroidered part is mostly turkey work, left uncut.

“Pollination” 2017

Momenti series

From [lat. momentum] meaning ‘moment, phase, point of time’, these works sketch moments in life where a particular feeling was predominant.


All momenti series’ pieces are worked on a hand painted silk background.

The embroidery is mostly an exploration of stitches, sometimes with the addition of beads or metallic threads.

The first three pieces were shown in the art gallery OhneTitel in my town in 2015.

And a year later, some of the pieces have travelled as far as to Australia to be shown during the Small Works 2016 exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery.


Just grateful (2015)
Not looking back (2015)
Deeply rooted (2015)
Los-t (2015)
Melancholic (2016)
Anxious (2016)

I recently experimented with different framing possibilities. I tried mounting on foam board, framing behind glass, framing without glass, painting custom frames etc. etc. What I came up with in the end is a combination of above variations:


Do you like it?

Bearded Men Series

pogonophile (plural pogonophiles)

  1. One who loves or studies beards.


Yup, that might be me… 😉

In summer 2015, I started my “bearded men” series which I completed in spring 2016.

“Bearded men” is a series of portraits of – who would have thought! – men featuring (a lot of) facial hair. It is also a study of how a beard can symbolize many things – manhood, growth, wisdom, longing… Furthermore, the series shows stations of a relationship in a surrealisticly symbolic way.

As to the techniques: I bought the rights of some stock photos and edited them a bit using Photoshop. Then, the pictures were printed on cotton. I used my simple old ink-jet printer and was very pleased that the resulting images roughly resembled screenprints! After that: hand stitching time!

Let me write a few words about each piece:


His thoughts have hatched (2015)

Some thoughts about the piece:

  • visual representation of hatching thoughts
  • ideas need time; they take shape, they change…
  • thoughts are often elusive and frail
  • the (white) beard as a symbol for the wise man, the thinker 

The journey of the piece:

This piece traveled to Skopje, Macedonia, in summer 2016 and was shown at Paratissima 3.


I don’t hear your cries (2015)

Some thoughts about the piece:

  • visual representation of being un-passionate
  • needs can be urgent
  • the pain of others can hurt oneself
  • a (sarcastic) hurray to suppression…

The journey of the piece:

This piece traveled to Skopje, Macedonia, in summer 2016 and was shown at Paratissima 3.


Drawn to me (2016)

Some thoughts about the piece:

  • visual representation of the attraction between two humans
  • drawn thought lines from the man to the heart of his partner
  • the heart as the vis-à-vis
  • the art admirer is the heart

The journey of the piece:

This piece traveled to Skopje, Macedonia, in summer 2016 and was shown at Paratissima 3. It was also shown and offered for auction by my online gallery last month.


Your anger is growing (2015)

Some thoughts about the piece:

  • visual representation of growing anger
  • anger is growing out of the beard, ergo out of the male self
  • anger can be beautiful
  • anger can produce something
  • anger can alter things

The journey of the piece:

This piece traveled to Skopje, Macedonia, in summer 2016 and was shown at Paratissima 3. This spring, a photograph of the piece was printed on a large tarpaulin and can now be visited (amongst other great artwork) in an open air installation by Art in Open Roomz.

at the vernissage



Switzerland – Then and Now

old flag
Flag of Switzerland.svg
new flag

My newest (and today finished) series is called “Switzerland – Then and Now“.



The background photos are all original antique pictures of Swiss people, taken by Swiss photographers.

In this series I wanted to contrast images of the past with images of the present, whether these images are only a subjective mind construct or based on history. The viewer is confronted with how the past and the present intertwine, and also maybe with questions about values and morals.

Furthermore, there’s humour in these works, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden.

I used only one technique in this series: hand embroidery. The stitches are not so delicate as usual as the holes in the paper need to be a little further apart in order to not tear the paper… I could have used appliquéd stitched motifs, but decided against it; above all, I wanted to show how the past and the present interweave, not only figurativly but also by concretely interweaving the materials of the past (paper) with the materials of the present (threads).

And now to the works:

Lustige Winzerinnen 2017

The speech balloons are filled with chat slang (a mixture of English and German as it is used these days in Switzerland). The girls are discussing their plans for the weekend and their love life. You only live once!


Chuttlebutzer 2017

The photograph shows a band during the Swiss Fasnacht (carnival) in 1964. This was 28 years before the first annual techno parade in Zurich happened. This parade was called “Love Parade”. One year later (in 1993), the techno parade was relabeled to “Street Parade” and is called thus to this day. The orange star logo is the official logo of the Street Parade. The logo in 2016 had the number “7” in the middle. If the carnival shown in the background photo had had a logo, it would have been one with the numer “-28” (meaning 28 years before the first techno parade).

Schweizer Spende 2017

The photo was taken during the first world war; the Red Cross collected household items to give to war victims who had lost their homes and belongings.Today, as everything is digitalized, also donating is online. Wemakit was founded in Switzerland in 2012.


Grosmueter 2017

I am sure that 80 years ago, there were rebellious woman. But unlike my “Grosmueter” (granny), they probably hid it well… (Today, having piercings and tattoos are not considered rebellious anymore. I wonder what is…??)

Pause am Hellbühl 2017

A bunch of chaps relaxing in the sun between army training lessons – today unthinkable without electronic devices and digital gadgets…


Einsame Wacht 2017

“Einsame Wacht” means “being on watch and lonely”. Added in hand stitch is a mobile phone tower. Ironically, with all the digital “connectedness” today, we are more lonely than ever…

All above pieces of this series are for sale. You can purchase them here.

The Body Parts Series

my body

my body is a temple
my body is life
my body is decay
my body hurts
my body gives birth
my body grows
my body aches
my body is scarred
my body is wrinkled
my body is soft
my body is beautiful
my body is mine

C.J. Oct. 2016

With the body parts series, I put the human body in a surrealistic and metaphoric context to show it’s importance, function and beauty.

I printed digitally altered photos of parts of my body on cotton and then let my associations flow…

Here is a table with the photos (after alteration but before printing) and the finished stitched pieces.

body part: navel
“Navel galaxy” 2016

• paint, french knots, seed stitches, some goldwork


body part: cleavage
“Nursing” 2016

• lace appliqué, embroidery


body part: eye
“I see you” 2016

• satin stitch, french knots


body part: ear
“Synaesthesia” 2016

• satin stitch


body part: fist
“Just chillin'” 2016

• padded appliqué, stitch, found shells


body part: tongue
“Sweet talking” 2016

• silk ribbon work, satin stitch, bead work


body part: armpit
“Swampy” 2016

• turkey work, pistil stitch, seed stitches, paint


body part: ellbow
“Vegetated” 2016

• embroidery


body part: foot sole
“Marking my path” 2016

• stitch


body part: mons pubis
“Sedimented” 2016

• embroidery, bead work



The series was created for a group show called 10 hoch 3 (meaning “ten to the power of 3” in English). The works mustn’t exceed the dimensions of 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

Mine measured exactly 10 x 10 cm, and I created 10 of them. (Love the symmetry!.. ;-)..)

The group show exhibited emerging and established artists of the Grisons and took place in the gallery Kabinett der Visionäre in Chur, Switzerland, in November 2016: